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One Piece 769 "Bellamy the Pirate" 2014-12-03
One Piece 769 "Bellamy the Pirate" Summary:   Law and Doflamingo are still fighting, with Law using his powers to throw part of the castle. Doflamingo blocks it with his "Spider Web" attack ...
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Fairy Tail Zero & Fairy Tail Ice Trail 2014-09-25
These two spin-off chapters were serialized in the debut issue of Mashima's own, new monthly, "Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine". The first, Fairy Tail Zero, details the meeting of the founders of Fairy ...
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Naruto - The Conflict between Message and Readers' Expectations 2014-09-25
Since the beginning of the series, Naruto spread messages against hatred and war. You could notice it already in the first episode, when Naruto declares his wish to be Hokage and prove himself in the ...
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Translating Names in Manga is a Strange Thing 2014-09-25
There are many issues to face when trying to translate from Japanese to English, as it's not always a direct one to one translation. In fact, it rarely is. Many words and idiomatic expressions don' ...
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A Consideration of Reading Choices 2014-08-14
Have you ever made the decision to step out of your comfort zone and read a manga that you knew little about? Consider the different factors involved in the decision whether or not to give a manga a ...
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Do you think Bleach should have ended after Aizen's defeat? 2014-08-14
For a while, I agreed with the argument that Tite Kubo should have ended the manga series, Bleach, when Aizen died. The following arcs after Aizen seemed like Kubo trying to milk his success on Bleac ...
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Romance In Shonen 2014-08-14
Shonens seem to have some trouble dealing with romantic issues. Yes, obviously there are fantastic mangas about human relationships, but I'm talking about shonen in particular. I've found the way all ...
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Naruto 677 "Infinite Tsukuyomi " 2014-05-22
Naruto 677  "Infinite Tsukuyomi " Chapter Summery: With the dōjutsu reflected on the moon, and the Infinite Tsukuyomi initiating, Guruguru abruptly ends the battle, and st ...
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One piece chapeter 748 "Repaying My Debts" 2014-05-22
One piece chapeter 748 "Repaying My Debts"  Summery: Luffy's laughter at Pica was enough to anger the colossus into attacking the Straw Hat with his fist, although he missed t ...
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Bleach 581 "THE HERO 2" 2014-05-22
Bleach 581  "THE HERO 2" Summary: Several Soldat approach Marechiyo Ōmaeda, who is carrying his unconscious captain and sister. He remarks that if Suì-Fēng were conscious, she would b ...
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